Thinking, Being, Giving

Our Sixth Form programme hangs on six key values that are linked to our ethos of Thinking, Being and Giving. We prepare Sixth Formers to be in outside the world, to think for themselves and to give to the wider and global community.

Students are contributors. The courage to try something new and untested is something that’s important to develop before leaving school. Sixth Formers choose respect, for other’s opinions, tastes and backgrounds, to ensure that the school is a pleasant place to be for every individual. They work alongside lower school tutors on the PSHE programme, helping on topics such as ‘healthy relationships’ or ‘where to draw the line between banter and bullying’.

Leadership is encapsulated in our Ivy House Award, which is designed to promote self-leadership. Students find out who they are, what are their strengths and weaknesses, set their life goals and look practically at how they might achieve them.

All students should be thinkers, reflecting on their learning and progress and given time to think independently. Our visiting lecture programme introduces a number of global problems such as ‘ocean plastic’ or ‘human trafficking’, giving practical ways in which the pupils can contribute here and now to solving these problems. Students are also questioners, interrogating their academics and considering ethical standpoints on key issues to ensure they avoid the culture of bystanders.

Finally we would like our students to become organisers, getting into good working habits and patterns early on in Lower Sixth which they bring to leadership roles in the school. The last two years of school life can go by in a flash, but the values that drive Sixth Form life at Cranleigh will stay with students for a lifetime.