The Purvis Society is our society for academic scholars and exhibitioners. Meetings involve a presentation by a student, teacher, or visiting speaker, followed by a wide-ranging discussion of the issues raised.

We aim for members to become better informed and better able to discuss and debate complex questions, gaining confidence and skills in presenting ideas and then defending them under questioning.

Recently, students have presented papers on the nature and ethics of medical consent; the undesirability of nationalism; and the extent to which society ought to change in response to feminist ideas.


Student’s within The Purvis Society are given an environment where they are able to research, present and then defend and discuss ideas that are important to them. The meetings are largely run by the students themselves and students can learn how to engage in seminar-style discussion’s to an extent that’s not possible in lessons.

The Purvis Society is important for students as it assists with intellectual development in a way that prepares them especially well for university, and encourages them to truly take responsibility for their own independent learning.

Here is the Lent 2022 edition of the Purvis Journal, the first edition of the Journal to be produced in normal, non-lockdown school.