Chef Case Study

Sean Hope

Sixth Former Sean displayed talent in the kitchen from a young age, during Sixth Form he graduated to fine dining and tasting menus. Sean honed his skills with mentoring from Old Cranleighan and superstar chef, Ollie Dabbous, at London restaurant HIDE during his lower sixth years. Sean likes experimenting in the kitchen, bringing his artistic and science skills together with his passion for food. Sean aspires to be a head chef or have his own restaurant.

I practice as often as I can; one of the key things I’ve learned in this lockdown is the importance of practicing dishes and flavour combinations as well as different techniques. I always aim to create the best dishes I can, so practice is key.


Sean had no classical training but has a vast amount of experience working in various restaurants and pubs. He has worked in a fine dining restaurant in the South West of Scotland that uses local produce which benefitted him in terms of understanding ingredients. Sean’s favourite dish to prepare is Heston Blumenthal’s flame-proof ice cream which he has tried himself a couple of times. This particular dish requires a flame-proof gelling agent called Gellan-F, which derives from the fermentation of a microbe called sphingomonas elodea.


My advice for young pupils aspiring to take up cookery is that the kitchen is tough, it’s hard work and the hours are long. You have to really want to do it. To me I don’t care how long the hours are or even how much I’m getting paid. I love the process and I love cooking. If you have the passion to do it then do. Learn as much as possible and work as hard as you can, that is how you will get far.